New & Noteworthy

Welcome to the Team!

Please help the Milbrandt Architect’s team welcome our three newest additions – Madison Roberts, Cynthia Yang, and Ray Kuong!   We are over the moon with our newest additions to the team, and we know with them, Milbrandt Architects will only become a stronger firm!  To read more about our newest design tech’s, read below!

 Madison Roberts 

Madison is originally from Sumner, WA but decided to attend Washington State University for both her undergrad and masters.  She also completed her internship here at Milbrandt for two summers, back in 2018 and 2019, we are so glad to have her back!

Madison was drawn to architecture because she initially liked the idea of getting to combine her love of math and structure with her admiration of art and design. As she was able to learn more about the field, she began to enjoy getting to learn about people and how the built environment can shape their connections and interactions.  A fun fact about Madison is that she has traveled to 8 different countries, including Ireland and China!


Ray Kuang

Ray is originally from Taipei, Taiwan, where he also earned his undergrad from the Chaoyang University of Technology in Taichung, Taiwan.  From there, Ray moved to the U.S. and went on to earn his masters degree from Washington State University.

Rays passion for design is what drove him to study architecture.  From playing with LEGOS at such a young age, Ray knew he had always loved design, especially when he could spend a whole night by himself building castles and spaceships from the thousands of tiny LEGO pieces.  A fun fact about Ray is that he owns a kitten named Dori (*cue the awe’s) and he enjoys many activities.  From snowboarding to badminton, to fishing to volleyball, he enjoys them all!



Cynthia Yang

Cynthia is also originally from Taiwan!  Although she moved to the U.S. for both her undergrad and masters degrees.  She primarily attended the University of Washington for her undergrad, then went on to the University of Michigan for her masters degree.

Cynthia’s interest in architecture came from her passion for design as well as her interests in creating and crafting!  Some fun facts about Cynthia are that she hates cucumbers, and she has two dogs: Biscuit and Jelly!  How cute!

Welcome to the team!



Some site visits are more fun than others!  Below is our project manager, Elizabeth Erlandson, sitting in the co-pilot seat on her way back from a site visit in Bend, Oregon!  A very special thanks to our developers, Exxel Pacific, for getting our architects down to Bend and back safely!

Our architects went to Bend to visit a future apartment complex that is in the works, to oversee the progression of multifamily units.

Again, a big thanks to Exxel Pacific for the travel accommodations, and great job to everyone involved in the Shevlin Apartments!  We cannot wait to see the finished results!


Calaa O’Donnell is Moving

One of Milbrandt’s own and beloved designers is moving!  Calaa O’Donnell, a Milbrandt employee for 3.5 years, has decided to move back to her roots to the Eastern side of the country.  With the crazy ups and downs of the past year and a half, as well as all of her family residing in the east, Calaa is excited to return home.  Calaa has hopes of buying a home for her and her fur child, Hopper, and to show him new hiking trails, camping spots, and other cross country adventures!

Although we will miss Calaa dearly, we wish her nothing but the best of luck, and we know that she will do great things!  We are excited for what your future holds Calaa, cheers!