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Milbrandt Architects fosters a collaborative design atmosphere that actively seeks to engage our clients in the design process, recognizing the value of unique perspectives and the years of collective knowledge accumulated in the development industry.

Land Planning

Our team works extensively with clients and local planning authorities to incorporate the site’s context and parameters into our planning strategy. We regularly help prepare supplementary planning documents, opportunity area frameworks, and other formal documents, as well as working with planning teams to give informal advice, and masterplanning to inform early decision making.



A holistic perspective informed by the complexity of a development’s site, uses, audiences, and functions plays a key role in guiding our initial design concepts. In tandem with our client, we seek to develop a vision that allows all the varying functions demanded of different spaces to work in sync, which in turn will inform the conceptual layout of the design.

Schematic Design

Through the presentation of initial concepts, followed by feedback and iteration, the layout and floor plans begin to synthesize. We aim to develop three-dimensional space in a manner that enhances its functions and defines the building’s overall brand. Care is given to developing elevations and spatial experiences that connect the amenity spaces to the overall development of the site and seek opportunities to highlight significant aspects/functions of the design.

At the same time, the design must remain forward-looking and stay flexible enough to be adapted to a variety of future projects with alternate uses or size requirements. Once a consensus on the layout and look of the project has been reached, a set of high-quality and concise permit drawings is produced for submittal. Throughout this process, our team places strong emphasis on collaboration with the client/client’s construction team to develop a design that is efficient and constructible, relying on the field experience of the construction team to find economical solutions to various design considerations. In doing so, the final production of drawings more closely reflects these efforts and creates a more streamlined process as the project moves into the field.

Our Approach

Step 1

Active Listening

Every project begins with an open mind. We believe the most successful architectural solutions start with thoughtful questions and genuine curiosity. Through active listening we aim to discover each client’s unique perspective, challenges, and aspirations—and, in turn, define our collective goals.

Step 2

Strategic Planning

Our blueprint for success. A customized strategic plan maps out our path for a smooth and effective design process with built-in check points for review and feedback along the way. With a holistic project framework in place, we ensure all aspects of the development are accounted for and all objectives are met.

Step 3

Integrated Collaboration

Human-centric design. We take pride in multifaceted thinking, cross pollination, and exceptional communication between our staff, clients, and consultants alike. Partnering with Milbrandt means more than simply signing off on presentations — we welcome you into the creative process as a collaborator and trusted member of the team.

Step 4

Quality Assurance

Measure twice, cut once. Our firm’s reputation as industry experts stems from keen attention to detail in all aspects of our work. From technical drawings to project timelines, land use applications to floor plans, Milbrandt’s philosophy is built upon our unrivaled dedication to providing the highest quality experience and product.

Step 5

Commitment to Excellence

Partnerships built to last. We value our long-standing relationships above all else, and know we’ve done our job well when clients continue to entrust our team with their biggest challenges time and time again. Yet we never rest on our laurels — with each successful project we reaffirm why Milbrandt is the natural architectural partner of choice.

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