New & Noteworthy

Welcoming New Faces

Milbrandt is growing!

In the past couple months we have welcomed two employees, Tony Radovich and Zsofia Tantos.  Tony is joining as our newest Senior Project Architect, and Zsofia is joining as a Design Technician III.  Read more about these wonderful new additions below 🙂


Tony Radovich

Tony Radovich has been designing all manner of award-winning housing in the northwest since the year 2000.  He has designed multiple examples of projects ranging from clubhouses and large podium buildings to the smallest single-family cottage and everything in between.  A licensed Architect in both Washington and California, Tony originally hails from California and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  First designing buildings for the California market before advancing to simultaneously designing buildings in the northwest along with prestigious international work.  With such a long connection to the Northwest, Tony chose to move his family to the region many years ago.

As a child, Tony was inspired by the homes and apartments he saw under construction near where he lived and at a very young age decided he wanted to have some influence on what was built as he thought he could do a better job than what he saw being built at the time.  Throughout his career he has demonstrated a great passion for creating placing where people live, work, and play.  His designs having won multiple prestigious regional and national awards, and awards that combined national and international competition.

Though talented and always full of new ideas, Tony is forever in awe of the great privilege he has to work with amazing clients who he feels each have their own unique needs.  Tony feels it is his solemn duty to meet and exceed the needs of the clients he is honored to work with.  Tony is not a designer that seeks to impose his ideas on clients but rather to head the clients project in exactly the direction the client wants to go.  Because Tony loves all aspects of bringing his clients dreams and goals to fruition, he has always loved what he does and he feels he has been truly blessed to worked with so many talented Architects and consultants throughout his career that all have the goal and the passion to create wonderful places for people to live, work, and play.

When not working Tony most enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids.


Zsofia Tantos

Hello, I am Zsofia Tantos, I live in Bellevue with my husband Andras, and my kids, Dora (13) and Aron (10). I moved to the Seattle area in 2001 from Budapest, Hungary . I have my architectural degree from Hungary and started working in architecture in the US back in 2003 at RMA Architects, where I worked together with Dave and Jim for over 5 years. When my kids were born I stayed home with them and got back to the field later working in small residential projects in a firm located in Ballard. Now it’s back to bigger projects! I call the Seattle area home, love to travel and into photography as well.



Under Construction

Podium Style Apartment Buildings

Introducing the Slabtown apartments!  This development includes 38 units across two buildings, 19 units in each building, with units varying from studio to two-bedroom.  The exterior of the buildings will feature classic styles of red brick to match the other exteriors Portland has been known for.  This project is currently under construction, with hope of being wrapped up within the next 6 months or so.  Check out the current status through the photos below!  Framing is up (woo hoo), fingers crossed that the rest of construction will continue smoothly!

Summer Interns

Summer 2022 is in full swing and we have been busy over here at Milbrandt.  We recently hired two summer interns, Ryan and Stella.  We value the opportunity and education that internships provide and we are so excited that these two chose to spend their summer with us.  Cheers to their future and all they can learn and accomplish this summer!  Read more about these outstanding individuals below.


Ryan Baca

Ryan is from Lynwood but is going into his junior year at Cal Poly!  Ryan is currently studying as an architecture but enjoys all sorts of activities in his free time, but most enjoys painting and customizing shoes!  Ryan is also playing on the intermural soccer team at school as well!  For his future plans, Ryan would like to travel, specifically to Australia, Spain, England, Japan, and New York.

Stella Erlandson

Stella is going into her senior year of high school this fall.  She is interning at Milbrandt to expand her knowledge and explore different interests.  In her free time, she enjoys skiing and puzzling!  Stella’s future plans include attending a SoCal college, specifically for the weather and opportunity.  Stella loves to learn and really wants to find something she is passionate about.


Again, we are so excited to have the opportunity to have the summer to work and share our company with both Ryan and Stella.  Welcome to the team!