New on the Boards!

Coming Soon: The Willamette Apartment Development

216 residential dwelling units, across 10 buildings will be going into the Olympia suburb.  The new development will also be home to a 5,000 sf clubhouse, along with a spacious pool deck area and 3-seasons pavilion.

The 10 apartment buildings will each have 3 levels and about 20 units per building (some building and unit floor plans vary).  The color pallet is very inspired by the local beauty, Mt. Rainer, as well as other aspects of the great PNW.

The clubhouse will offer quite the luxurious vibe.  With a large foyer to foster a sense of community among future residents.  Additionally the 5,000sf will house leasing offices, a leasing display, kitchen, lounge area, multipurpose room, exercise room, and more.

The Willamette apartment complex is still in the very early stages of project development, but make sure to check back in for project updates!