Welcoming Fresh Faces to Milbrandt Architects

This past summer we were fortunate enough to grow our Milbrandt team!  Read below on our newest additions and how their work will add to our growing success!

Chad Filler

At the forefront of this warm welcome is Chad Filler, an accomplished design technician who recently joined Milbrandt. Chad brings a wealth of expertise to our team, having earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Idaho. However, his journey led him to Seattle after completing his education, drawn by the vibrant architectural scene that characterizes this city.
Chad’s passion for architecture is deeply rooted in his upbringing and early experiences. He fondly attributes his creative and technical prowess to his parents’ influences. “My mom is a florist, and my dad is a civil/structural engineer,” he reflects, “so I like to tell people that I am a hybrid of them both. My mom nurtured my creativity, while my dad instilled in me a strong technical foundation. I’ve always had a penchant for drawing houses and constructing structures with my Legos and Lincoln Logs, likely because I grew up perusing my dad’s civil/structural plans from a tender age.”  Beyond his dedicated work within our office, Chad is an avid traveler with an insatiable appetite for experiencing diverse cuisines during his adventures.

We are tremendously enthusiastic about Chad’s contributions to our projects and eagerly anticipate the exciting future we will craft together.  Welcome, Chad!

Kenneth Alessandro

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Kenneth Alessandro, the newest member to join our esteemed team at Milbrandt. Kenneth’s recent graduation with a Master’s degree in Building Science & Technology from the University of Oregon underscores his commitment to excellence and makes him a valuable asset as we continue our mission to enhance energy efficiency in our projects to align with recent code changes.
Originally hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Kenneth’s journey in architecture has been significantly influenced by his early experiences. He spent his formative years traveling the world, and it was the diversity and creativity in the world’s architectural landscapes that ignited his passion for this field. His decision to call Seattle home, and by extension, Milbrandt, was further cemented by the presence of close family ties in the region.
Outside the realm of blueprints and building plans, Kenneth channels his energy into the world of powerlifting, showcasing his dedication and discipline beyond the office. A noteworthy and fun fact about Kenneth is his passion for sneakers, proudly owning an impressive collection of around 50 pairs, and his enthusiasm for EDM, with a particular fondness for Illenium’s music.
We are truly thrilled to welcome Kenneth to our firm, and we anticipate a future brimming with shared achievements and growth. Kenneth’s expertise and unique interests add a dynamic dimension to our team, and we are excited about the synergy he brings to our projects. Welcome, Kenneth!