On the Drawing Board


On the boards for 2022 we have a pretty cool project, the Sellwood Gateway Apartments.  These unique apartment buildings will be on either side of SE Tacoma street in Portland, directly east of the Sellwood bridge!  The buildings will also feature retail spaces, making this projects not only a multifamily, but also a mixed-use.  Another unique attribute to the Sellwood Gateway Apartments is that, they are built with community and history in mind.  Moreover, the neighborhood of the future buildings has  written a set of guidelines (Sellwood-Moreland Main Street Design Guidelines) that were strictly followed by project architect, Rick Tolleshaug.  He studied their written guidelines thoroughly to make sure that the building’s exterior design would be aligned with their wants and needs, as well as honoring the rich history of the area.

The whole area is excited for this project to start!  A Portland newspaper, The Bee, wrote about the new development in their January issue!  Click here to read the article!

Since the project has just finished it’s preliminary stages, ground breaking and actual construction will not occur until later this year.  Make sure to stay tuned for more information about the Sellwood Gateway Apartments!